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The Career Dovetail team is dynamic, eclectic and complimentary in the range of experience and skill-sets offered. This is no matter of coincidence as Duncan has orchestrated a unique coming together of career experts on the basis that he is determined to offer a commerciality of career strategy, guidance and management not currently available elsewhere in the UK.

At Career Dovetail we pride ourselves on paying the top rates to retain the top consultants and we concentrate on proven quality in our teams. We justify higher fees by saving on non-essential costs such as expensive offices and the glossy stationery which seems to be essential to attracting customers to our competitors. Bear in mind, Career Dovetail is a totally unique career decision formula which is the protected intellectual property of Duncan Bolam and is not available anywhere else.

Our core team can be supplemented by in excess of 40 certified career professionals covering the whole of the United Kingdom. In addition, we are able to signpost individuals and companies to a range of complimentary agencies such as, retreats, hypnotherapists, NLP Practitioners (Neuro Linguistic Programming), holistic therapists, performance improvement coaches and HR specialists across all sectors and geographies.

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Duncan Bolam Duncan Bolam
Career Dovetail© is quite simply Duncan Bolam’s reason for being, his calling. He thrives on helping his clients find their dream jobs and he is very enthusiastic about his job. He’s a career expert and how could he not be with 35 jobs in the first 32 years of his life, including Royal Marines, Professional Golf, Special Needs Careers Adviser, Hodcarrier and Marketing Director?!
Duncan found his calling after he was sacked from his dream job as a Corporate Golf Sales Executive. It is often said that every cloud has a silver lining. Well this is exactly what happened to Duncan and he has literally never looked back since! He took charge of his career having discovered a sense of purpose from having worked out the Career Dovetail© formula. This transition process was made easier with the help of an inspirational career guide. (Thanks, Mike at Pathways in Sunderland) and Duncan strongly believes that everyone should seek guidance in such important life decisions.
Duncan calling has led him to creating The Career Consultancy and he is Chief Executive. Having completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance Parts 1&2,few career experts in the UK today have developed such a breadth of experience. Outside generic careers guidance Duncan has gained recognition for a fresh approach to Career Transition, guiding demotivated and depressed individuals with his client-centred style.
The key is often the simple yet groundbreaking formula that Duncan continues to refine based upon in excess of 1000 case studies; the validity of which is supported by the sheer diversity of clients. In schools, colleges and universities Duncan has worked with students from all walks and has gained a reputation for helping people regardless of how special their need. Latterly Duncan has worked with Chief Executives earning up to £1.25 million and Career Dovetail© works for senior management too! Using the Career Dovetail© clients make realistic career decisions. At times his guidance may involve challenging unrealistic goals empathically yet forthrightly. The underlying secret to success is passion; by uncovering his clients true career passions the results are inspiring.

A Member of the Institute of Career Guidance, Duncan contributes to regular meetings of their national professional development committee, plus helped set up the inaugural board The Federation of Professional Associations in Guidance in 2001 and founded the Career Strategy Association in 2000.

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