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Benefits of Career Dovetail to decision makers: Career Dovetail is proven at all points along the career lifecycle. It works in similar ways for managers building and managers downsizing their businesses where 'right-sizing' your people to tasks and budgets is the key to success and longevity.

Apart from being our brand and our philosophy, Career Dovetail is a dynamic and simple methodology for identifying the best possible career strategy for employer and employee; especially during times of economic downturn.

Our 'Rapid Intervention Outplacement Programmes' are designed to help both sides of the employment relationship deliver 'best fit' at any time in the economic lifecycle from feast to famine.

The Career Dovetail formula assists the individual in skills indentification, considering how their personality and values may affect career vocational choice and choice of organisation, plus constantly refining the decision and adding polish in specific ways according to individual needs.

Our team of experienced consultants can assist in the following areas:
· Rapid Intervention Outplacement Programmes.
· Career Centres.
· Training Line Managers to 'Break the news'
· Recruitment & Retention
· Job Matching & Appraisal of Fit
· Values – alignment
· Performance Management – Productivity
· Reduction in cost of staff turnover
· Reduction in cost of processing human capital
· Preparation for expected change in Demographics
· Feedback Loop – from impartial exit interviews
· Staff Career Health Check

(Click to take) The Career Dovetail Free Organisational Health check questionnaire

Are you planning on making major changes to your organisation and workforce by decreasing your workforce or redeploying talent?

Do you know if your recruitment policy and your retention policy balance your books?

Are your people related costs higher than you feel they need to be?

Do you believe any of the above could be contributing to profit erosion?


What is Outplacement?
Helping employers reduce their workforce in as positive and helpful way as possible.
Ensuring employees are looked after during times of change.
Protecting your public image in your local community.
Helping employees appreciate you are the company they thought they joined when they first started out and that you uphold the same corporate values.

We believe good quality outplacement helps keep the business on task, supports key decision makers and contributes positively to corporate image and reputation in the community.

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