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Mouse over the Career Dovetail graphic on the left and illuminate your career. Career Dovetail© will bring a level of meaning and fulfilment into your life that will encourage you for the rest of your life. Career Dovetail© is a practical formula that allows you to raise your own self awareness and then works hard to raise your awareness of today’s world of work.

On average clients embarking on Career Dovetail© can make up to a 75% enhancement of self knowledge and a 90% improvement in their awareness of the jobs that are available today; where they are in the labour market and what skills may be required to get those jobs. Can you imagine a person making a career decision without this vital information? Thousands do everyday!

Perhaps this is the reason that up to 40% of English undergraduates fall out of their chosen degrees before the Christmas of the first semester! This is a sad indictment of the state of career decision making today and the seriousness with which people treat such an important choice. The 85% target for school leavers heading for university is fundamentally unsustainable and damages non-graduate jobs and the economy. In 2002/3 a shortfall in Plumbers meant this craft trade could command salaries of up to £120,000!

Any worker needs to have a sense of purpose. They reap huge rewards from being interested in their job. There is a massive difference between just carrying out any old task and a livelihood where we truly love what we do. There are many interesting ways of creating that Career Dovetail© and The Career Consultancy have developed a very straightforward method leading to the perfect CV, great rapport at interview, job satisfaction and, ultimately, increased productivity!

The beauty of Career Dovetail© is that regardless of intelligence, ability, value system or cast there is a career out there for you that will light up your life, give you a sense of identity, make you proud and pay the bills that will enable you to continually develop throughout your life. For organisations this can be the difference in employing a motivated or mediocre workforce. You could see absenteeism disappear with a workforce built on the principles of Career Dovetail©.

Never in the history has there been such a period of change as in the past 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years. 2/3rds of all of the products that make up world trade in 2003 were not even invented 25 years ago! The value systems and skills of our parents are fast disappearing. Yet we are conditioned to think very much like they did. It is dramatic how challenging career decision-making can be under the deluge of options we now face.

Career Dovetail are the experts in simplifying such decisions. Explore the Career Dovetail© formula, top left. Here are a few of the potential facets that make up a beautiful Career Dovetail©. Move your mouse over the graphic to reveal some of the factors you might consider for your Career Strategy.

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