Career Dovetail After being our face on the web for 10 years, we took this site - our original website - down in October 2013, but after many requests from old friends to reinstate it, here it is!

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Our company strapline is: Italic'Career Dovetail – Strengthening wellbeing by dovetailing more people into sustainable careers.’ Text

Our mission is to get more people into more fulfilling careers and combat the epidemic of job dissatisfaction.

We specialise in:
•  Career Coaching adults looking to get more out of life
•  Rapid Intervention Corporate Outplacement Programmes
•  Helping small firms develop a value-building Talent Management strategy
•  Guiding young people to shape a motivating and sustainable Career Plan alongside education choices with a positive legacy - not a negative one!

Time and time again we prove the powerful correlation between career happiness and wellbeing. After 13 years providing career coaching and outplacement consultancy, helping people navigate the ever more turbulent job market we see so few Career Plans. We see even fewer SMEs with a Talent Plan. Don't wonder why you’re not getting what you want, when you haven't planned it?!

Our most worrying discovery is that up to 90% of the population are either not engaged by their work or in the wrong job altogether!

Call for a free initial career healthcheck and Career Dovetail© your life!

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